Mobile technology is becoming ubiquitous around the world...

But sustainable business, accessible healthcare, and foundational education is still unattainable for many. Developers Without Borders builds an online community of developers that work on open source technologies for international development.
Let's bring more technological solutions beyond our own borders.

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Devs Without Borders pairs 'on-the-ground' NGOs and non-profits with developers on its platform and across its hackathons. This team structure ensures that the needs of a community in a developing country are directly communicated to those building the mobile solutions. From market analysis, brainstorming, development, and testing; our development teams and NGOs work to find solutions that are not just innovative, but impactful too.


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Technology has become media's darling. From 1 billion dollar acquisitions to press coverage of the latest wearable, it's never been cooler to be in technology. Yet there is something greater than all these trends in tech. Instead of building another game, or hacking away at the next short lived "it" product, computer programming can truly change the lives of people in developing countries. From affordable eyecare, banking, education, and farming. The developing world is as mobile as ever before; now build for them.



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