Development for Development

Devs Without Borders (Developers Without Borders) is an online platform that connects software developers worldwide with international development projects. Using technology, developers work together to build solutions for health, social welfare, farming, and education for those in impoverished areas around the world. Together we make information more accessible to people who need it most.

*Developers Without Borders is a registered Canadian non-profit


Our Partners


Devs Without Borders a proud partner of Liakada Capital, a team of highly motivated professionals with a wide-range of expertise across a number industries, including banking, consulting and entrepreneurship in both Canada and Asia. Liakada Capital also invests proprietary capital in businesses aligned with their investment philosophy.



Oziel Law is an entrepreneurial law firm which provides corporate and business law, computer and technology (IT) law, intellectual property (IP) law and contract drafting legal services to a wide range of clients. In addition, their trade-mark agent can help you search for, apply and register enforceable trade-marks in Canada. They are committed to providing creative, affordable and cost-effective legal solutions for business or start-up ventures. They take the time to understand their clients' unique needs, ensuring the highest levels of service and counsel.


We say a huge thanks to our partners!
Without their guidance and support we could be where we are today.