<Br/eak>Poverty Hackathons

<Br/eak>Poverty Hackathons are a Devs Without Borders event that brings charitable minded developers from two cities together to build scalable solutions in education, business and farming for people in developing countries in just 28 hours. Winning solution gets real exposure and implementation by featured charities working on the ground in low income nations.

Past Hackathons


Nairobi, Kenya

November 21-22, 2015: at iHub in Nairobi Kenya over 60 developers united in a weekend to build applications for rural Kenya. Emerging and established developers not only built incredible solutions but also were communicating with Toronto teams on how Canadians could build more relevant applications for the rural areas of their country.

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Toronto, Canada

November 20-22, 2015: at Rangle.io HQ in Toronto, Canada, over 120 developers united in a weekend to build applications for rural Kenya while collaborating, asking questions, and connecting with individuals in the Nairobi Hackathon. In many instances cross-continental teams were even formed.

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Waterloo, Canada

November 26-27, 2016: at Google and Communitech in Waterloo, Canada, over 150 developers united in a weekend that built applications for women's health in Bangladesh.

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