Women's Support Forum in India
Mobile-Web Messenger App

Saath (meaning "together") is a web application built to provide women in India with information and emotional support during the after effects of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. The web app provides (1) the phone number and address of the nearest NGO support centers (2) information about sexual assault and domestic violence (3) and an anonymous multi-member messenger app that connects a women with other victims of sexual assault/domestic violence on the webpage. By connecting theses women, they can provided needed support for one another while demonstrating that these women are not alone: they are in this together. Saath.


Saath's mission is to provide a central place on the web for the women of India to have accessible, anonymous and secure support when dealing with the after-effects of sexual assault and domestic violence.


How It Works


Victims Access Saath
Mobile Web App On Their Phone

Anonymous Direct Messaging Forum
Monitored by Social Workers
is Available

We Geo-Locate Them
to List NGO Help Nearby

Victims Share Experiences Together in a Chat that Disapears when they Exit

Information is Available on
Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence

Women Receive Instant Support
from one another, that is Secure, Accessible, & Anonymous

Why a Mobile Web Messaging Forum?

Women in India may have difficulty visiting, calling, or finding a support center that can help after an instance of domestic violence or sexual assault. This Mobile-Web Messenger app aims to provide access to information on the centres nearest them, what sexual assault and domestic violence are, while also providing them with an anonymous outlet to communicate with others who've gone through similar experiences. This is working to be part of Facebook's apps that are free to people in India. Women are one click away from connecting to someone similar to them to talk to or finding a local women's crisis center, all while providing them with the safety of doing it quietly on their phone.



of Women Living in India, endure some form of domestic abuse.


of Sexual Assault Victims in India, know their attacker




Support We Are Looking For


Currently we are looking to partner with NGOs that provide services in India for Women who are victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.